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Current version: Satmaster Pro Mk9.2f
Satmaster Pro is an industry tool for satellite link budget analysis, antenna aiming, dual feed spacing and sun outage prediction. It runs on Windows (XP to 10 inclusive) and includes support for ITU-R P.618-12 and dependencies for atmospheric modelling.

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Purchasers of the 9.x series may update to the current build at no extra charge by submitting this short update claim form. Recorded purchasers of a previous integer series (eg 7.x or 8.x), may order Satmaster Pro Mk9.x Upgrade at approximately 60% discount

Satellite Data File (satlist.geo)

Updated April 18th 2016
Current satlist.geo file for use with Satmaster Pro. This file may also be user modified using the inbuilt editor (except demo versions). Download and unzip 'satlist.geo' to the main application directory overwriting the old file of the same name.

Download satlist.zip